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ERKNet Survey: COVID-19 in Children with Kidney Disease on Immunosuppressant Medication

24 marca 2020

Dear Colleagues,


We are all trying our best to manage the current Covid-19 pandemic and in particular give the best advice to our children and families who are on immunosuppressant medication. There is a general lack of knowledge regarding the risk of Covid-19 in children on immunosuppressant medication. In view of this, we would like to start gathering information on cases of Covid-19 in children on immunosuppressant medication from the global paediatric nephrology community.
We have set up this survey which can be accessed via the link below:




The survey should not take longer than 10-15 minutes to complete with the patient information to hand. Inclusion criteria are any children (<18 years) who have been diagnosed with laboratory confirmed Covid-19 and have a known kidney disease on any form of immunosuppressant treatment.

We will be aiming to publish data as soon as we have a meaningful number of cases, in order to help provide some information which may help us in our clinical decision making and advice to patients. Please therefore provide data as soon as it is available at the peak of the patient`s Covid-19 illness, and we may then contact contributors at a later stage to collect further follow up data. All contributors to the survey will be acknowledged in any publications.


We are very grateful for your support with this project.


Your ERKNet team (Franz Schaefer & Tanja Wlodkowski) on behalf of Kjell Tullus and Matko Marlais, London and Marina Vivarelli, Rome, ERKNet WG for Immune Glomerulopathies Lars Pape, Hannover and Burkhard Tonshoff, Heidelberg,  ERKNet WG for Pediatric Transplantation